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Leadership Redefined

When you shift, everything shifts


We have spent 4 years studying and comparing thousands of coaching and therapy clients, corporate coaching and team building. We have found a condensed way of transferring these skills. 

“Thanks to Leadership Redefined I can get to the root of  what really moves me and facilitate others to do the same.  It allows me to focus on what is really important, without judgements. From the heart.”

María Isabel Limardo, PhD Holistic Practitioner, former Geneticist from Davie FL USA


The knowledge we share

It has already begun


Location & direction

A compass can define where you are and where you need to go. To define a behaviour in this 12 step model of takes roughly 15 minutes for a novice and shows a direction.


The ecology between want and need

The behaviour compass brings together the pyramid of Maslow with the logical levels of Robert Dilts and the 6 Human Needs of Chloe Madaness and Tony Robbins. It clarifies the gaps between needs and wants.


Stress is martial law

When we are stressed a myriad of hormonal changes happen on a cell level and every "normal" behaviour can transform into something very different. Regulate it and behaviour changes.


The mind needs 3D spatial support

Keeping a 12-dimensional model in mind is neurologically challenging for most, we have solved this by creating a physical 3D model, a compass you can watch and hold as your mind fills in the gaps.

Image by Holly Mandarich

Data points

Every experience, is a data point in your life

Image by Cyrus Chong


A strategy is a go-to way of coping with situations

Image by Nihal Demirci


The sum of many strategies is an attitude


Core beliefs

Your core beliefs are the foundation of all you do

Image by Ruben Christen


Your values direct your choice of actions

Image by Tim Mossholder


Any visible action is driven by all these dimensions

The Behaviour Design model is an experiment that allows pulling together every human intervention and find the overlaps and missing leverages. It is a road map that tells where you may want to apply leverage for change. Behavioural change. It is not an answer, it is a tool for defining them and it evolves with you.

In 12 steps and approximately 15 minutes you can overview and synchronize interventions like CBT, mindfulness, physical exercise, massage, medication, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clean Language, Energy Psychology, Havening Techniques and spirituality.

The components are Body, Mind, State, Stress, Want, Need & Behavior. They interact with Situation, Environment, Company and Time. 

This is open source. The Institute of Behaviour Design is a meeting place.

Join the team.

  • ÅRSPROGRAM 48 timmar. Upptäck ditt ledarskap och utveckla det.
    Thu, Jan 07
    Vi möts en timme live varje vecka hela året i ett unikt program där du får verktyg för att upptäcka och maximera ett nytt medvetet ledarskap och din potential i tanke, känsla, attityd och beteenden. Konkret, praktiskt och omvälvande.

This training has made me question all I am fed and relate it to what I want to feed myself with, instead of just filling up on someone else’s values, beliefs, attitudes.

Sara Whittall, UK Body Code Practitioner


This week has been... oh wow... the word that just came to mind is a hell ride, but a hell ride that is exciting, it's fast, it's quick;  Very transforming!

I'm discovering more about who I am, which then actually has an effect on the world I live in. I'm like; wow this is fantastic!

This process I've been going through…  It's making me cry now…  It's not a redefinition, it's a bloody definition, a time to define me and put myself together.


This Leadership Redefined training showed me that I could take an emotion, study it and break it down to how it worked for me and how I reacted to it, defining a more open minded way forward. This gives me greater progress to leadership and direction of myself.

Stephen Barton, Dog trainer, New Zealand


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12 Components

There are 12 placeholders in the Behaviour Compass system

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