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Know Thyself

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

One of the existential questions that have been asked in poems and literature during thousands of years is “Who am I?”.

Are we our capabilities, our heritage, our DNA, our name, our body, our gender, our birthrights, our expertise or our experiences?

Or are we the predictability and sum of our behaviours, attitudes and emotions or ideas, which is described as our personality?

And if so, how did we become to be this and is it coded in our genes and fate or can we change it by simply lifting the hood and tinkering in the right places, unleashing our full potential, instead asking the question: “Who can I become?”

During thousands of years we have developed disciplines to answer, science, religion, psychology, biology, the list is long and there a plenty of ideas and still no answer.

We would boldly like to say that it is possible to develop and change our personality at any point in life. We have come to this conclusion through our work coaching thousands of people in the same number of ways involving sustainable changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors - the sum of which is their personality. Very often great changes have happened in a matter of seconds, and sometimes these changes are the result of just a session or two. We asked ourselves how this is possible.

Comparing notes we have created a metaphorical model of the mechanics and processes that seem to be involved in all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours - regardless how strange they may seem. We call this model Personality Mechanics and the art or skill of using it Personality Engineering. We invite you to explore and experience it for yourself hoping that it will allow you to know more about thyself, and thus the world.

P.S: If you choose to view our model through a scientific lens of personality studies and cognitive psychology you will notice that we have no intention of proving or disproving an existing hypothesis. Existing models of cognitive theory, personality traits and disorders have only been able to explain some of the results we have been able to achieve, so we created a model that allows us to to share the techniques and approaches we have found remarkably efficient in developing and understanding that elusive and unique footprint of every person - our behaviours.

P.S. Share if you care.

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