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The Entitlement Delusion

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Being born in a social context where you can walk into a store and choose exactly what you want to eat may not feel like an incredible benefit or luxury, it’s obviously something you are entitled to. You are so entitled that you might get annoyed if they are out of your brand of peanut butter or milk. Entitlement is the notion that you have a right to something, without considering the ecological impact or cost to others. Being healthy, successful, able to travel and wearing the clothes you want is taken for granted by many, just like having access to clean water.

The question of entitlement runs through the history of mankind where the stereotypes of gender, social status, color of skin and birthline have inspired people to create advantages for themselves at the cost of others. The most intriguing part is that entitlement is just a belief, and as a belief, it is imagined. When the belief is no longer held, the entitlement disappears. You can dissolve entitlement with a thought.

Even if entitlement is only a thought, thoughts will often start manifesting in actions and behaviours. When somebody thinks otherwise there will be a clash or the entitlement will dissolve. What you and I truly have a right to depends entirely on what we agree upon in our minds. To define your worth and birthright is to define a drop of water out of context.

From a flock perspective entitlement is simple, every individual that brings value to a flock is entitled to some personal gains in exchange. In a classroom or workplace the dynamics are simple and allow you to trade a task, a skill, social status, your looks or humor for a place in the flock. In a small community where the flock is clearly defined a natural balance of these dynamics will evolve.

In the global society we live in today the flock isn’t defined any longer and you have no idea whom to thank or at whose expense your food, clothes or belongings were made available to you at the price you paid. This opens up for great imbalances. There is enough water, but the water is distributed unevenly at the cost of lives every day, and no individual is responsible.

The entitlement of being born into a thriving part of your society can be a comfortable delusion. A key to your happiness is the difference between taking a benefit for granted and being grateful for it. We are all a part of the imbalance in this world. If you and I are more conscious about the impact of our behaviour on everybody else and the ecology of the world we can improve life and sustainability on earth instantly.

This is a decision you and I are entitled to.

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1 Comment

Jack Lidback
Jack Lidback
Jun 12, 2019

This article made me realize there is SO much entitlement in the world. And the way I defined entitlement before (narcissistic grandiosity etc.) isn’t actually the real or at least not the only problem. The real problem is the every-day-entitlement from all “regular” people, sucking out the gratitude for life and all the small things that are so valuable but deported to the periphery in the quest for more, more and more.

So here’s an assignment for everyone;

What is the SMALLEST thing I can find to be grateful for today?

What is the LARGEST action or behavior of entitled I can quit or change today?


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