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Leadership Redefined

This is a short training in leadership, with a large impact. You will be able to define, understand and deconstruct all human behaviours using the Action Value Pyramid. You will also redefine the world as you thought you knew it, and be able to lead from values joined with a vision. Equally powerful in a corporate situation and peak performance sports.

Purpose of the training:

- Understand how values are created
- How values can drive organic teams

- Leading by values


- Be able to deconstruct

- Be able to influence

- Be able to model 

Who is this for?

- Corporate leaders

- Team leaders

- Parents, teachers, coaches

5 hours, 4 days, 200 USD


Image by Ian Schneider

Spaced Learning

Competence Redefined

Regardless if you are a budding leader or if you have many years of experience, competence is the core of everything you do. We have designed a training inspired by thousands of coaching sessions that teaches you efficient structuring of competence and skills; the secret of building organic and self leading teams. Harnessing the creativity of each member, including you. Hands on, practical and useful from day 1. 

12 hours, 9 days, 800 USD

Image by Mitchell Luo

A new paradigm

Board of directors coaching

A board of directors is like an olympic rowing team. If one is too strong the boat will go in circles. If some don't do their share, the boat will go in circles. We have found that applying the same tactics we have used to bring elite athletes to perform as a unit, bring the same results to a team in any setting. Don't be fooled by how short it seems; athletes don't have time for less than that, which works.

2+2+2 hours 6.600 USD

Additional coaching fixed price

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