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Trauma therapist and member of Team Behaviour Design, founder of, Spektrum Terapier - a private practice, based on a holistic, integrative approach, with techniques such as Havening, hypnotherapy, NLP, MT, mindfulness-based CBT, ACT, EFT, Mindfulness, Matrix Reimprinting, body psychotherapy, coaching and BRMT.

I use different approaches to help people to release trauma, to rewrite the old schemas, that keep them stuck in the loop of negative thinking, shame, guilt, and judgment. I help to rediscover people's true self, create self- compassion, self-acceptance and embrace the beautiful, loving spot inside every human being, that was previously shadowed by trauma.

I assist individuals in removing blocks, building resilience and positive growth, so they can unleash their full potential after letting go of the pain.

The creative energy of brainswarming can create great solutions, and so

does taking part of different skills, know-how and competencies.

Growth means continuous development. Being a part of the collaborative Team Behavior Design boosts my enthusiasm and passion for emotional health, at work and in everyday life.

Ivona Olofsson

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